Hip, modern, etc.

Here’s that obligatory “Hey-world-I’m-just-trying-this-blogging-thing-out-please-don’t-roll-your-eyes” post to awkwardly give birth to this (yes…) blog. The reasons I’m doing it probably don’t matter, and to be honest I don’t really have very concrete ones anyway. But in case you, my hypothetical reader really are dying to know (trololol its okay, you can roll your eyes here) the honest-to-blog truth is that I finally got a camera back after 4 years of heavy use (one of which also included a year of now-defunct art-school dreams and a couple of acceptances), followed by a year of zero photo-taking which have all now manifested in lots of nostalgic hipster dreams about taking photos again. Yeah yeah, LATFH. (Go for it, ever since I got bangs, bought stripey shirts, and started embracing–nay, cultivating my sense of irony I’ve accepted my own fake hipsterdom. Credit to all my friends for constantly pointing this out.) I feel very “21st-century-social-networker” right now (I mean, I have both Facebook AND Twitter, guys. How much more hip and modern can you get?!)

Please enjoy and feel free to validate my sense of self-worth via comments and/or congratulatory Facebook messages about how socially and technologically up-to-date I am.


One response to “Hip, modern, etc.

  1. you’re so socially and technologically up-to-date!

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Everything I've tried to write here to describe myself or this blog has given me a complex about trying too hard to sound interesting. Let's pretend I wrote something artsy and cosmopolitan.

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