Fragments of Orchard

One of those evenings that comes together via scattered texts and “so guys, SERIOUSLY, what are we doing?” messages on Facebook. AKA, a night where you plan to be all social and awesome but you end up on the top floor of a mall in a place with the word “Meat” in its name. I think everyone was feeling a little meh, but we four, one still in pain from tattoo work, one busy packing for her college move, one feeling a little queasy, and one (yours truly) with “shit-I-don’t-want-to-work-tomorrow” dread—still managed to have a good, (albeit slightly confused) time.

Our cast of characters tonight: Becka and Ian, our odd non-couple:

Becka and Ian, our odd non-couple

With the addition of Frances, affectionately known as “Franneh” this evening courtesy of Becka:

Somehow we ended up at some place called “Meatworks” at the top of ION Orchard…the name doesn’t exactly sound appealing unless you’re into butchery-dining, but Ian was starving and the rest of us are indecisive. (Also they had something called a ‘Brontosaurus’ which we found amusing.) Yeah, I know, choosing restaurants based on entertainment value of names–we’re Zagat raters in the making. We had some mushroom soups that Frances, recently sick (and I do mean sick) greeted with a “This looks familiar…” I’ll let you figure that one out. I for some god-knows-what reason decided to order a veggie burger (OK, I know the reason, it’s because it was cheaper than everything else) which in retrospect may have been a bad decision at a place called “Meatworks”. Believe it or not, tofu cubes and bread are not the liveliest combination.

Gastronomic delights aside, we trekked (read: wandered aimlessly) over to Borders for a bit of erotic novel trolling (heaving bosoms, gasps of delight, various things dripping with desire and sometimes other things…) and some literary–no, who am I kidding, we were trolling almost the entire time.

Case in point.

Finally we stumbled out onto Orchard in all its glory and waited by Orchard Towers (lovingly known as the “four floors of whores” by some) to catch…a taxi. All in all a nice evening but somewhat of a bittersweet one too–I’m afraid dear Becka won’t be appearing in any posts for a while as she’ll be boarding a plane headed to California tomorrow to attend UC Berkeley. So this post is dedicated to her–best of luck Becka, here’s to more Mexiréunions and street-wanderings with Frances another day!


One response to “Fragments of Orchard

  1. Interesting Anecdote, Brethren!

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