Side-banter: Borders as hipster-haven

While gleefully traipsing through Borders (refer to previous post), I discovered that while Borders is an establishment potentially classifiable by some (read: hipsters) as being “such a corporate whore, UGH” it’s actually a hipster haven:


One response to “Side-banter: Borders as hipster-haven

  1. Name? Ugh, names are so passe. Just feel who I am.

    Ohh, my little Danielle, your faux “hipster” knowledge is adorable. Your noted attempts at hipsterdom are amateur. Why, any conformist can shop at indie boutiques (read: Urban Outfitters) and buy typewriters and spout Berkeley when asked the time (*rolls eyes* “I suppose it is the time you perceive it to be…”) Please. We’re beyond that. The avant garde hipster appreciates the irony of the irony. Buying clothes off of homeless people to demonstrate the depravity of “grunge,” bitterly commenting on how cliche it is to hate cliches, attending underground parties in the basements of underground clubs…these are the marks of the next generation of hipsters. Borders is irrelevant to us…what are books? Instead, much preferable “reading” materials are independently published works that are sort of a visual, literary, sensual journey of the spirit and mind melded in an esoteric experience…they are difficult for you to understand. You mock hipsters quite well but….wait, oh my Keats…you may have mastered this. I’ll say, you’re one step ahead. Brava. Brava.

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