Bellinis and truffles and chaos, oh my

I got the chance to ditch my waiterly responsibilities for a few fleeting moments and snap a few photos of the lead-up to PS. Cafe’s Truffle Thursday Bellini launch. (Run-down: PS. Cafe @ Ann Siang holds ‘Truffle Thursday’ every week where they give away their famous truffle fries along with a monthly set of signature drinks, and we’ve just kicked off Bellini month.) I’m working here, just in case you’re wondering why I’m wearing such a strangely-collared shirt. All in all a fun, (read: chaotic) successful night, I managed to gracefully drop four glasses of passionfruit bellinis straight onto the floor…a smashing good time, pun very much intended.


One response to “Bellinis and truffles and chaos, oh my

  1. your job looks like so much fun !
    gorgeous photos as usual, love.


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