Tea pahty

Tea. Is there anything that sets White People hearts a-flutter more than tea in all its colonial splendor? (Wait, I’m not supposed to remind you about that.) Somehow tea, cuteness, and the pursuit of intellectualism have all become associated with each other–it’s not quite as harsh and urban as coffee, yet not as frivolous and juvenile as a frappuccino. (We won’t even discuss soft drinks–how common!)

Maybe it’s the fact that you can drink it out of dainty cups and look cute. Or you can fulfill the all-too-common white person dream of sitting curled up by a window while dappled sunlight illuminates your secondhand-copy of The Unbearable Lightness of Being and a steaming cup of your special lavender-vanilla-nutmeg-eucalyptus-blend tea warms both your hands and, more importantly, your soul.

So of course, the discovery of the TWG tea shop in ION was glorious indeed. (After our past adventure at Meatworks I think there was a little pressure to up our game.) Pinkies out!

Napoleon tea, inevitably had this. As seductive as Monsieur N himself. Vive l’Empereur!
(Also note white people dream sweets: macarons. Colorful, cute, and French…TWG, you sneaky devil! Wish I could say I liked them but I OD’d on them just once and now they make me feel like chundering.)


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Everything I've tried to write here to describe myself or this blog has given me a complex about trying too hard to sound interesting. Let's pretend I wrote something artsy and cosmopolitan.

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