Arabian Nights

Welcome to Arab Street, the Middle-Eastern/Mediterranean microcosm of Singapore, comparable to Chinatown, but instead of incense the reigning scent in the air is shisha smoke – just pick your flavour. Iced mint teas were in order thanks to standard-issue Singaporean Thick Heat, which went nicely with our peach-flavoured shisha (something I, regrettably, am not very good at.) I always think I’m going to look cool smoking shisha, blowing out big impressive clouds with both smugness and perfectly measured apathy, (something like this)–but I’m pretty sure I’m heading towards something closer to this, minus the scrunchies.
Anyway, if you’re ever looking for a place to enjoy delicious shawarma & pick up some cheap scarves, evil eye charms, jewelry, or whatever else your heart desires, Arab Street is the place to go. And there are tons of great bars & restaurants, (including Café le Caire at 39 Arab Street, where we ate, which has not-so-great service but delicious food) so take your time and enjoy the sights (and smells, of course.)


2 responses to “Arabian Nights

  1. Schmets

    life through your eyes/camera lens is beautiful!

    • Danielle Courtenay

      oh schmetterling, just you wait until I get back (assuming I ever get back…) so I can document the next year’s adventures with you! though we may need to find places other than bar 10 to spice things up…

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