Adventures on the Norman coast

Amidst all the fun (read: homework) of this Toussaint vacation, I got to go on an excellent (though decidedly grey & rainy) little day trip to Normandy. Irreverently dismissing the authority of the UNESCO World Heritage Site seal-of-approval we skipped Mont St. Michel and went the more “charming” route: Deauville, Trouville, and the (superb) Honfleur.
I imagine Deauville is probably more fun in the summer when you can take advantage of its beach or if you happen to be one of the esteemed guests of the annual film festival. (Or, if you’re a rich raven.) It didn’t really do anything for me (aside from threaten my student-sized wallet with its outrageously expensive everything). Just across the port you’ll find Trouville, Deauville’s supposed lesser sister (the one who actually turns out to be the far more charming, far less gold-digging of the two.)
A 30-minute bus ride later, we arrived in Honfleur (Satie’s birthplace, for you refined, monocle-sporting young people out there) – a fantastic, friendly, and altogether extremely pleasant place where the air is fresh and the cider even more so. Enjoy!






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